The K-S2 is Pentax’s latest mid-range DSLR, continuing its tradition of offering affordable yet well-specified cameras. Find out how it gets on in our Pentax K-S2 review.

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Pentax K-S2

Image Quality:18%


  • Wide range of physical controls; Comprehensive in-body image stabilisation; Generous viewfinder


  • Lacking a touchscreen; JPEG image quality not great; Handgrip on the large side


Pentax K-S2 Review


Price as reviewed:

£649.00 (with 18-50mm lens)

Pentax K-S2 Review – Design

Pentax K-S2 Review - Pentax K-S2 product shot 1

Despite a plastic body, the K-S2 feels solidly built and is weather sealed

While the top plate of the Pentax K-S2 appears metal, it is in fact a cosmetic addition, with the body itself predominantly plastic. Despite this the K-S2 still feels solid in the hand and benefits from a weather-resistant finish.

The most striking element of the camera’s design is the substantial handgrip. It’s nearly 7cm deep and will certainly feel bulky in all but the largest of hands. After some getting used to this does begin to feel familiar, however those with smaller hands are still advised to check suitability first.

Pentax K-S2 Review - Pentax K-S2 product shot 5

The D-Pad found on the rear of the camera offers quick access to a host of shooting settings

The K-S2 also inherits one of the most useful Pentax DSLR features – the D-Pad can be toggled to control a range of camera functions including ISO, drive mode and white balance, while a selection of other controls feature dedicated buttons around the camera body.

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