Does this new Sony SLT model offer anything sufficiently compelling to warrant the novice user's attention? Matt Golowczynski finds out

Product Overview

Sony Alpha 68

AWB colour:80%
Dynamic Range:80%
Image Quality:80%
LCD Viewfinder:70%


  • - Excellent AF system
  • - Comfortable handling
  • - Inclusion of a top-plate LCD


  • - Poor quality LCD screen
  • - Shutter release over-sensitive
  • - Noise reduction reduces details


Sony Alpha 68 review


Price as reviewed:

£479.00 (Body only)

Sony Alpha 68 review – Introduction

Sony’s single-lens translucent (SLT) range of interchangeable-lens cameras is no longer as wide as it once was, but the four models still available do well to serve most users, from the total beginner to the professional.

The latest Alpha 68, which is positioned towards the more junior end of the line, borrows a handful of features from the older Alpha 77 II to make it appealing. Sony’s naming convention may suggest it’s a modest update on the well-regarded Alpha 65. However, the company hasn’t marketed it as such – a decision explained by a number of the camera’s features having been downgraded in comparison, as well as its significantly lower launch price.

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