Does this new Sony SLT model offer anything sufficiently compelling to warrant the novice user's attention? Matt Golowczynski finds out

Product Overview

Sony Alpha 68

AWB colour:80%
Dynamic Range:80%
Image Quality:80%
LCD Viewfinder:70%


  • - Excellent AF system
  • - Comfortable handling
  • - Inclusion of a top-plate LCD


  • - Poor quality LCD screen
  • - Shutter release over-sensitive
  • - Noise reduction reduces details


Sony Alpha 68 review


Price as reviewed:

£479.00 (Body only)

Sony Alpha 68 review – Build and handling


The Alpha 68’s body is exactly the same size as that of the Alpha 77 II, which means it’s somewhat larger than other models pitched at the advanced beginner. However, this bodes well for handling. The generous grip, with two indentations for the middle and ring finger, and rubber coating for additional comfort, makes a nice change from the shallow ones we’re used to seeing at this level. The larger body also helps with supporting longer lenses, which can feel unbalanced on smaller models.

While the camera feels solid enough to withstand the odd bump, the smooth finish of its surface makes it feel slightly less refined compared to some rivals. This impression continues to many of the buttons, which respond with a certain hollowness when pressed. Something else that takes getting used to is how soon the image is captured as the shutter-release button is depressed. There is frustratingly little travel in the focus portion of its operation, before the shutter is released.


Still, the camera’s size allows for the controls to be large and well spaced out, and all are clearly identifiable. The menu is also colour-coded and displayed clearly in the viewfinder. But left-eyed users will experience a familiar issue of the rear control wheel being partially obstructed by the user’s nose, which impedes menu navigation and AF-point selection.

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