The Samsung NX11 updates the original NX10 Compact System Camera of last year. Now straight from the box with i-Function lens compatibility, is this latest Samsung NX release enough to push the range forward? The What Digital Camera Samsung NX11 review finds out…

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Samsung NX11

Overall score:89%
Image Quality:85%


  • AMOLED screen, improved AF, i-Fn concept, built-in EVF


  • Little change over NX10, occasional autofocus wavering, EVF could be improved (resolution and refresh rate to counter lag)


Samsung NX11 Review


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Samsung NX11 review – Design

Although not a DSLR by design, the NX11 could have you fooled as it does look like a mini-DSLR in many respects. The layout and locations of the mode dial and button controls are well placed and you won’t be left hunting for settings. This is further helped along by the inclusion of the i-Fn button that, once you start getting in to using it, is really rather useful to quick-adjust exposure compensation, ISO, white balance and (depending on setting) aperture and shutter speed. The fact the settings show both on screen or through the viewfinder in real time will speed up the way you work. Our only slight qualm is that the i-Fn button on the 18-55mm OIS lens is placed rather far back and doesn’t feel natural to press, plus its inclusion omits the stabilisation button that was on the standard 18-55mm lens.

Samsung NX11 review sample image

The NX11’s grip is raised fairly prominently from the body which makes it comfortable in use and easy to carry around in one hand.

Elsewhere and interior menus are impressive to look at and use, though do feel rather different to other cameras and so can take a little bit of getting used to – but we like the visuals.

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