The Samsung NX100 is the latest NX-series Compact System Camera. But with no flash or viewfinder, is there the demand for such a camera? What Digital Camera reviews the Samsung NX100...

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Samsung NX100

Overall score:85%
Image Quality:80%


  • Affordable, stylish, good layout and UI, iFn lenses


  • No in-built flash, no viewfinder, poor battery life


Samsung NX100 Review


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Image Quality

Samsung NX100 review – Image Quality

Tone & ExposureThe NX100’s tones can be a touch on the flat side and slightly lacking contrast, though this lends itself well to print and there’s plenty of room for manoeuvre to adjust images in post production (even the Picture Wizard mode allows for in-camera adjustments).
Exposure was generally accurate, with the occasional overexposed sky making way for a more mid-range exposure level. A Smart Range option amps up shadow and mid tones alongside highlights to pull a more equal exposure back from a single frame and, despite it’s limited ‘on/off’ selection, works subtly and well.

Samsung NX100 review – RAW/JPEG

The Samsung Raw Converter software is now available across both Mac and Windows platforms – the Mac version a new asset that previously wasn’t available.

The JPEG files show more sharpening over their Raw counterparts, and many files have amped-up mid-tones too. The JPEG files also show signs of correcting for chromatic aberrations that remain present in some Raw files, depending on the scene and focal length.

Samsung NX100 review – Colour & White Balance


A slight concern for the Auto White Balance was its inconsistency between various ISO settings when shooting the same scene – each studio shot in this test produced a varied final colour cast, some a subtle magenta/yellow and others more blue/green.

Samsung NX100 test sample image - web size

Samsung NX100 test sample image – click for full size gallery

Ignoring this particular circumstance, however, the colour in everyday photographs was pleasing on the rear screen. Final JPEG images viewed on a computer were perhaps less ‘punchy’ but a little post-production worked well in correcting for this.

The sheer amount of WB control available also allows for considerable control – whether tweaking the presets or manually setting the Kelvin temperature the level of detail is great.

Samsung NX100 review – ISO Sensitivity & Image Noise

Image quality is on par with that from the NX10 and image noise is exhibited in some form throughout the ISO range when viewing at 100%. ISO 100-200 images are low-noise, though both colour and luminance noise are subtly visible from ISO 400 and increase hereafter, particularly in the black and shadow areas. ISO 800 shows a noticeable grain, though this isn’t particularly disruptive to final quality or sharpness. ISO 1600 (which is where Auto ISO tops out) is still of fine enough quality and maintains a good colour presence, while ISO 3200-6400 produce dull and muted colours with soft edges and lack detail due to noise reduction.

Samsung NX100 test sample image - ISO range sample

Samsung NX100 review – Sharpness & Detail

The new 20-50mm kit lens doesn’t offer any image stabilisation system, which is a shame as it would be well received. It’s likely been left out in the interests of keeping initial purchase costs down, as there are other stabilised NX lenses available. Sharpness is fair throughout the focal range.

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