The Samsung NX100 is the latest NX-series Compact System Camera. But with no flash or viewfinder, is there the demand for such a camera? What Digital Camera reviews the Samsung NX100...

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Samsung NX100

Overall score:85%
Image Quality:80%


  • Affordable, stylish, good layout and UI, iFn lenses


  • No in-built flash, no viewfinder, poor battery life


Samsung NX100 Review


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Samsung NX100 review – Performance

In use the NX100’s improved autofocus algorithm speeds up performance beyond the earlier NX10’s initial firmware version and makes for snappier focus, though there are still instances of over- and under-focusing. An AF assist lamp sends out a strong green beam of light to illuminate subjects in lower light and is a most welcomed feature, though the lack of any built-in flash can be particularly problematic for certain situations.

It’s low light that continues to throw up some issues with focusing too: Although the rear AMOLED screen looks excellent (though it is prone to fingerprinting), dimmer conditions don’t always appear particularly sharp in live preview which doesn’t reflect the final image.

 Samsung NX100 test sample image - web size

Samsung NX100 test sample image – click for full size gallery

The facility to shoot Raw, JPEG, or both file types simultaneously benefits from a three frames per second continuous burst mode. This capture speed is reasonable, though testing saw only four Raw + JPEG files captured in a single burst before a discernable delay. Eight Super Fine JPEG files can be captured before a similar delay. However, it’s with clearing the buffer that issues arise as it can take considerable time to clear (30 seconds or more in both the cited examples above) and the entirety of the camera is inoperable during this time frame, with a ‘Processing’ sign popping up on the rear screen to signify this. Shooting a single Raw file will cause around an two second delay before the camera is ready for any further shooting or adjustments.

As well as an already good-looking body and great layout and User Interface, the iFn option on the 20-50mm lens adds a great deal extra in use and makes selecting options wonderfully easy. This single-press function button will be standard on all future NX lenses and is great for quickly chopping between the most appropriate features for the current mode that the camera is set into. The only ‘criticism’ is that the NX100, without any form of viewfinder relaying this iFn info, doesn’t make full benefit of this feature.

Battery life was also a little on the low side, especially when shooting Raw + JPEG and suffering from the elongated processing periods, with only some 150 shots using up more than a fully charged battery.

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