Samsung NX Mini Review - Samsung has a long tradition of class-leading and headline innovation, and with the Samsung NX Mini - the world's smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera - the manufacturer leads the way once again.

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Samsung NX Mini

Overall score:88%
Image Quality:85%


  • Super-compact size; Connectivity; Affordability


  • Some image quality issues; Relatively low-spec screen


Samsung NX Mini Review


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As is evidenced by Samsung’s growing range of Android-powered Galaxy compacts and CSCs, as well as a host of innovative Wi-fi-powered Smart cameras, Samsung has a growing tradition of leading the way in digital camera development.

This is no doubt in some part thanks to the Korean tech giants prominence in several other electronics sectors, including Smartphones and LED development.

The new Samsung NX Mini is the latest model to benefit from the bumper R and D department, setting new standards in the interchangeable lens camera market.

The model supersedes Nikon’s 1 series and the Panasonic Lumix GM1 in the micro CSC department, leapfrogging the pair and taking the title of the smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera in the world.

Such a feat is impressive, although at times it can present issues with regards to handling and performance, begging the question of whether Samsung has delivered a class-leading miniature CSC.

Samsung NX Mini Review - front view


Samsung NX Mini Review – Features

Despite its diminutive dimensions, the Samsung NX Mini still features some serious imaging features.

The model sports a good sized 1in BSI CMOS sensor complete with a 20.5MP resolution. Although the sensor is not quite as large as some other smaller CSCs, it’s the same sized sensor as that utilised in the headline-making Sony RX100 III.

The sensor is also capable of delivering HD video capture at full 1920 x 1080 resolution and at 30fps.

The NX Mini’s small frame also manages to pack in a decent sized LCD screen. The model sports a 3in TFT LCD touchscreen, although unfortunately its 460k-dot resolution is somewhat disappointing by today’s standard.

The screen is, however, of the vari-angle variety and can be tilted around 180-degrees to be viewed from in front of the lens – perfect for selfies.

As you might expect for a new Samsung CSC, the NX Mini ships with a host of connectivity options. The model sports both Wi-fi and NFC connectivity, meaning that it can communicate with either Smartphone or Tablet on both the Android and iOS operating systems with ease.

Once connected, users have the option to wirelessly transfer images, as well as control the camera for wireless shooting and image review.

Samsung NX Mini Review - angled

Shooting modes

As you might expect for a camera that undoubtedly has an eye on the consumer market, the NX Mini features a range of different shooting modes, some of which could be described as being more towards the ‘novelty’ end of the spectrum.

For example, the model features ‘Wink’ and ‘Smile’ shooting settings – these modes automatically take a picture when a face is detected in the frame and can detect up to 10 individual faces.

A by-product of developing such a small body is that the NX Mini sees the debut of a completely new lens mount. The model now features the NX-M lens mount, and as such will see the introduction of new lenses in the near future, although for the time being existing NX mount lenses can be used with the ED-MA4NXM lens adapter.

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