Fujifilm X-A2 Review - The X-A2 arrives as a replacement for the X-A1, but can it stand out in a now-saturated entry-level market?

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Fujifilm X-A2

Image Quality:90%


  • Tilt-type LCD screen; Rangefinder styling; Manual control; Film simulation effects; Fast start-up; Improved battery life; Number of XF lenses available; Wi-fi connectivity


  • Plastic buttons and build quality; Recessed wheel above thumb rest is easy to knock; Can’t be charged via USB; Single function (Fn) button


Fujifilm X-A2 Review


Price as reviewed:

£419.00 (with 16-50mm II lens)

Fujifilm X-A2 Review – Verdict

Fujifilm X-A2 product shot 13

Fujifilm has refined the X-A2 to ensure it’s well tailored for those who’d like to buy their first serious camera and take their photography to the next level by using manual control.

Its chic design and excellent image quality put it up there as one of the most attractive entry-level  CSCs, and it’s only let down by its rather plasticky construction, meaning it’s much less robust than Fujifim’s premium models.

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