Fujifilm X-A2 Review - The X-A2 arrives as a replacement for the X-A1, but can it stand out in a now-saturated entry-level market?

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Fujifilm X-A2

Image Quality:90%


  • Tilt-type LCD screen; Rangefinder styling; Manual control; Film simulation effects; Fast start-up; Improved battery life; Number of XF lenses available; Wi-fi connectivity


  • Plastic buttons and build quality; Recessed wheel above thumb rest is easy to knock; Can’t be charged via USB; Single function (Fn) button


Fujifilm X-A2 Review


Price as reviewed:

£419.00 (with 16-50mm II lens)

Fujifilm X-A2 Review – Image Quality

Fujifilm X-A2 sample image 10

Fujifilm X-A2 Review Sample Image Gallery

 Where the camera really shines is in the quality of the images it produces. Sharp, well exposed and full of detail, superb results can be achieved up to ISO 3200, with noise only becoming obvious as you push up to ISO 6400 and beyond.

The X-A2 also offers Dynamic Range Compensation that allows you to expand the dynamic range in the shadows and highlights before detail begins to clip. In-camera Raw conversions are possible, too, allowing adjustments to be made to white balance, sharpness and noise reduction before you return to your computer.


In standard Provia fi lm simulation mode, the X-A2 produces a very pleasing colour balance, with rich, green tones that’ll please landscape photographers. Auto white balance is also excellent and is neither too warm or cool.


With the kit lens attached and the ISO set to 200, the X-A2 displayed 2600 l/ph set to the JPEG format. Though users can expect to squeeze a little more detail from Raw files, detail does gradually drop off as the sensitivity is raised.

Image Noise

At up to ISO 3200, images are effectively noise-free, noise is just barely visible at ISO 6400, and even at the extended settings of ISO 12,800 and 25,600, what noise there is appears like film grain with little colour distortion.

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