The successor to Sigma's DP1 arrives with big expectations and striking design. But how does it fair on the WDC testing bench?

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Sigma DP2

Overall score:83%
Image Quality:95%


  • Excellent result can be achieved with a fair amount of effort


  • Stuttered focusing system, problems in use., design


Sigma DP2 Review


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When Sigma first announced the DP1, a little over two years ago, the photographic community sat up and took notice. The camera offered the very real prospect of a feature a range of models had also claimed, something that was becoming the main focus of a crop of advanced cameras – the image quality akin to a DSLR without the need for the size.


What differentiated the DP1 from other models was the capacity of the models sensor; the model featured the same Foveon CMOS sensor as Sigma’s SD14 DSLR, meaning the very real prospect of DSLR image quality within a compact camera.

Sigma’s relatively new DP2 features the same technology as its predecessor, with the advanced compact features the same CMOS Foveon X3 sensor as before. As mentioned, this sensor has the same unique technology as found in the SD15 – it boasts three separate levels, each offering a 4.7MP sensor site and recording different colour data, with the sensor itself measuring in at some 20.7 x 13.8mm. The sensor offers ISO performance of between 100-800 in standard JPEG capture, which extends up to ISO 1600 and 3200 in Raw capture mode.

The sensor is not the only quirk of the DP2. The model features a prime lens, lacking of any type of zoom and offering a 41mm fixed focal length in equivalent terms, along with maximum aperture of f/2.8. One of the potential benefits of the fixed focal length lens is that flaws such as fringing and the like should be kept to a minimum thanks to the lack of movable lens elements.

Outside of the sensor and fixed focal length, the model also features the quirky expandability of an additional optical viewfinder, hood adapter – that itself can be combined with a close-up lens adapter – as well as external flash gun and hard case.

Meanwhile, the DP2 features a fairly standard 2.5in LCD screen, with resolution 230k pixels, as well as an on-board pop-up flash. The dimensions of the DP2 fit in well with its advanced compact peers, measuring in at 113 x 60 x 56mm, and weighing it 280g.


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