The successor to Sigma's DP1 arrives with big expectations and striking design. But how does it fair on the WDC testing bench?

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Sigma DP2

Overall score:83%
Image Quality:95%


  • Excellent result can be achieved with a fair amount of effort


  • Stuttered focusing system, problems in use., design


Sigma DP2 Review


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Design and Performance


The design of the DP2 is much the same as the DP1, and owes a lot to cameras of yore. The camera of solid, black rectangular form, and as such has a reassuringly sturdy feel. However, the fact that the DP2 features a fixed focal length lens does no favours for the profile of the model, with the camera featuring a large protruding element on its front.

The rest of the models sports a black finish, with minimal demarcation for the various commands of the camera, such as focus, flash and mode dial, in white features. The harsh metal finish and lack of an ergonomically-minded body make the DP2 a touch difficult to handle, feeling clunky in the hand and making the preferable shooting hold the two-handed approach.

The button layout and design of the menus on the DP2 is a touch confusing – even the most basic operation or change of mode and functions is long-winded, with often three, four or more clicks needed to perform the desired operation.


There are several issues with performance that hamper the DP2 in use. For example, the AF system of the camera is slow in even optimum conditions, often hunting, with an audible whirr to boot, before settling on focal points. Of course, there is the pleasing option of manual focus, though is not an option you necessarily want to rely on.

The model’s LCD screen is also far from perfect. While it’s unarguable that the image quality provided by Sigma’s Foveon sensor is of a high standard, the quality of the DP2’s LCD screen does the images no justice.

As mentioned above, the DP2 also suffers from a poorly thought-out menu system, and all of these little performance pain points make the DP2 a fairly unenjoyable camera in use.

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