The Olympus SP-610UZ features a 22x optical zoom, HD video capture and 3D still image capture all combined in a compact body. But how does the Olympus SP-610UZ measure up on the testing bench?

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Olympus SP-610UZ

Overall score:82%
Image Quality:85%


  • Large focal range, large LCD screen, HD video capture, compact size


  • Half-baked 3D implementation, poor build quality, no Raw capture


Olympus SP-610UZ Review


Price as reviewed:

For those looking for a large focal range in a small body, there is more choice on the market than ever before. Not only do a host of small compact cameras now offer large focal ranges, but the once-expensive superzoom market now features a host of models available at an affordable price. The Olympus SP-610UZ is one such model, offering a 22x optical zoom and specification to match in a relatively compact body and at an affordable price point. But how does it size up on the WDC testing bench?


Olympus SP-610UZ review – Features

The headline feature of the Olympus SP-610UZ is without doubt the large focal range. The 22x optical zoom covers a 35mm equivalent focal range of 28-616mm, which would necessitate a host of lenses to cover an equivalent on a DSLR. The optical zoom is supported by two types of optical stabilisation, which will be of use to the long-range shooters. The SP-610UZ utilises a 1/2.3in 14MP CCD sensor, which is paired with a TruePic III+ image processor, aimed enhancing colour reproduction and high-ISO noise performance. What may be of interest to some shooters is the fact that the SP-610UZ is powered by AA batteries, allowing for quick and affordable replacement when out shooting.

The model’s LCD doesn’t feature the best resolution, at just 230k-dot, although at 3in it more than fills the rear of the camera. Another of the eye-catching features of the SP-610UZ is that it offers 3D still image capture, creating a stereoscopic image from two separately-captured stills which are merged together separately in camera. The model also offers HD video capture at 720p resolution.

Away from the advanced functionality, and more targeted to the beginner shooter, are the eight magic filters – in magic filter mode, the user can select from a range of photo effects that will instantly transform your images.

The Olympus SP-610UZ also features an in-camera manual, which is impressively in-depth, and will no doubt please those who lament the loss its paper equivalent.


Olympus SP-610UZ review – Design

The body of the Olympus SP-610UZ is strikingly small. It boasts a large barrel front section, characteristic of the compact superzoom type of camera. Alongside the barrel for the zoom is a protruding grip. The grip serves several purposes – it houses the camera’s shutter release button, as well as the control for the camera’s zoom, whilst also offering the practical function of fitting in the four AA batteries the camera needs to function. However, the real win is how comfortably it allows you to hold the camera – it’s the perfect fit for single-handed carrying, and the rubberised and sculpted design make it feel secure in the hand.

The rear of the model is basic in design. The majority of the real estate is taken up by the large 3in LCD screen, with buttons kept to a minimum. A dedicated video record button sits to the top of the rear, while the main bulk of the camera functionality is accessed by a small control wheel in the right centre of the camera rear. Three further buttons feature, including a button marked with a ‘?’, offering quick access to the aforementioned full on board manual.

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