Canon PowerShot SX700 HS Review - Canon's latest travel camera packs everything but the kitchen sink, but how does it perform when put through its paces?

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Canon PowerShot SX700 HS

Overall score:92%
Image Quality:90%


  • Features; Performance; Image quality; value for money


  • Slightly fiddly Wi-Fi setup


Canon PowerShot SX700 HS Review


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Canon PowerShot SX700 HS Review – Performance

Canon PowerShot SX700 HS review - top down zoomed

Some long-zoom compact cameras have problems with performance, but not so the SX700 HS. Despite having to roll out that big lens it starts up and can take a picture in just under two seconds, which is fast by class standards.

Its shot-to-shot time, in single-shot program auto mode and using a class 10 SD card, varies between approximately 0.8 and 1.3 seconds, depending on shooting conditions, which is very impressive.

In non-AF continuous shooting mode it can maintain approximately 2fps, while in AF-continuous mode with a moving subject it can maintain approximately 1fps.

The secret of the SX700’s performance is its AF system, which is exceptionally quick. When zooming in it pre-focuses, which makes it much easier to keep track of your subject at extreme magnification, and also greatly improves focusing speed.

Battery duration is also exceptionally good. Canon claims 250 shots on a charge, or 360 in “Eco mode”, but while testing the camera I took well over 300 shots in standard mode and the battery indicator was still showing three bars, so the manufacturer’s estimate may be a bit on the conservative side.

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