Canon has added HD video to its latest G series addition, the Canon G12, but is this new feature enough to merit an upgrade from the previous generation, and is it enough to keep the G series at the top of the advanced compact tree? The Canon PowerShot G12 review finds out...

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Overall score:92%
Image Quality:95%


  • Timeless design, HD video addition, New control wheel on the camera's front


  • Could maybe of done with a few more upgrades


Canon PowerShot G12


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Image Quality and Value

Canon PowerShot G12 review – Image Quality

Canon PowerShot Sample Image 9 | Reviews | What Digital Camera

The first thing that strikes with images from the Canon G12 is the wonderful tone and dynamic range they possess. Highlights and shadows are equally covered, with no bias towards either, while exposure is reliable.

Colour is reproduced excellently with the Canon Powershot G12’s images as well, with a slight tendency towards a natural spectrum. This is, however, preferable to over saturation and can be adjusted to suit easily in post-production. While balance is also pleasingly dependable in host of different lighting conditions.

The optics of Canon G12 succeed in producing a good level of sharpness throughout the whole of the frame. Unlike some other cameras, the G12 does not overdo the sharpening in production, and the results are preferable as a result. The 10MP sensor also captures a good array of detail that, when combined with the sharpness, results in a good texture to the images.

When comparing the Raw and JPEG files from the G12, it’s noticeable that Raw files are even more naturally-coloured than JPEG. Raw files are also less contrasty than their JPEG alternatives, presumably to leave more room in post-production.

High ISO performance is excellent with the G12. Noise levels are well controlled right up towards the high-end of the camera’s settings, with ISO 1600 an eminently-useable setting. JPEG files at high-ISO settings are softer than their Raw counterparts, but its marginal and the G12 does a good job of processing the files.

Canon PowerShot G12 review – Value

The Canon PowerShot G12 hit the market with an RRP of £569, although, as is often the case with new cameras to the market, the price has swiftly fallen to a more acceptable market level of around the £450 mark. Now, considering the changes that have taken place, and the fact that you can currently purchase a G11 for around the £375 mark, there is quite a conundrum afoot. If you feel that you really need the addition of HD movie capture, then
paying the extra isn’t too much of an issue. You’ll also get the nice new control wheel, although this isn’t worth the extra money itself.

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