Michael Shainblum takes urban timelapse photography to abstract places in a stunning piece of Vimeo art

Mirror City Timelapse from Michael Shainblum on Vimeo.

Here’s something pretty amazing: photographer Michael Shainblum combines timelapse photography with kaleidoscopic mirror effects to bring us ‘Mirror City’, a brilliantly enigmatic tribute to urban USA.

Ecompassing Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, Michael’s timelapse photography shows another side of these hugely populated cities. He says on his vimeo pages he wants to ‘emulate these urban landscapes in a way that nobody has even seen before’.

Michael told WDC that he makes his timelapse creations with a variety of Canon cameras, namely the 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III and the Rebel T2i (thats’ EOS 550D to us). He also makes use of a Dynamic Perception motion-controlled slider and an Emotimo pan/tilt head.

Image: The EOS 5D Mark III, which Michael uses is an excellent, high-calibre DSLR that we rated at 92%

This sort of thing doesn’t come together overnight. Michael says he’s been working on developing these mirror effects for five years, with this particular piece taking a solid four months to perfect.

Michael’s made a lot of other terrific timelapses, and you can check them out over on his website.