Professional photographer Ryu Voelkel offering unique opportunities to backers

Professional sports photographer Ryu Voelkel has today launched a unique Kickstarter sure to catch the attention of football and sports fans alike.

The project, titled Ryu x Rio, is aimed at shining a light on the darker side of the World Cup that the major press photographers might not cover, in the form of what Ryu aims to be a ‘football photography book like no other’.

Ryu will travel to Brazil on June 12th and is officially accredited to cover some 21 World Cup matches, with the players featuring including Rooney, Messy, Ronaldo and Suarez, amongst others.

Unlike some other Kickstarters, pledge levels which receive rewards start from just £10, with a pledge of £45 or more receiving a copy of the book and their name mentioned as a contributor.

There are some unique rewards for backers at higher pledge levels, with those contributing £1,000 receivng a signed copy of the book and three exclusive signed and numbered prints from one particular match in the World Cup of the backers choice.

For more information on the project and for your chance to be a part of it, head on over to the Ryu x Rio Kickstarter page.