Overall winner Alberto Armaroli scoops a Sony A390 package +u00a3100 as well as a WeAdmire T-Shirt in the WeAdmire gallery competition!

Riding by Alberto Armaroli

 The overall winner in our WeAdmire gallery competition is Alberto Armaroli with ‘Riding’ – with

his amazing motorcycle montage. Alberto

walks away with a Sony A390 DSLR with 18-55mm lens,

HVL-42AM flash, and a Kata DR-465 bag as well as a royalty payment of £100 and a t-shirt printed with the winning image!

 HMS Belfast by Nick Flutter    Spider by Maksim Malcev   Brother

Close runners up were Nick Flutter with ‘HMS Belfast, Maksim

Malcev with ‘Spider’ and Clare Waddingham with ‘Brother’s Guitar’, who will all

receive a t-shirt printed with their image + a cheque for £75 each. View the rest of the entries here.

The shortlist and winners were chosen very carefully for

their commercial viability, and as stated in the very complex rules, winners

had to submit their work as follows:

Technical Details

All final images need

to be supplied at 300dpi, in CMYK and at the physical size the image is to be

printed at. The reason we ask for this, is because colour correction and

resolution are technical and creative decisions that is more likely to be

produced accurately by you the photographer and in accordance with your own

vision. As you can see from the linked examples above, working with photographs

often involves cropping, cutting out sections and the addition of graphics.

However, no image will be used in any such way without consultation with the


Because we print in

CMYK there is no facility to print white. Those areas that are white in an

image would be left blank allowing the colour of the shirt to come through.

Although we do print on white t shirts, we also print on a variety of colours

and this could have quite an effect on the aesthetics of the image. In

addition, we do not print on dark colours. Our printing process, dyes the

fabric and the dark coloured shirts absorb the detail of the image to the point

of being obscured.

Our printing allows

for images up to 50cm x 60cm (portrait) on our largest shirts, with the image

being scaled down to fit the smaller sizes.

It was decided that the four winners would receive their

prizes, which each included a share of the missing winners’ payment (a total of

£100 shared between 4 winners – please see details below)

Prizes originally:

Overall Winner x 1:                 

Sony package + £100 cash + T-shirt

Runners up x 5:           

£50 cash + T-shirt

Actual prizes awarded:

Overall winner x 1:      

Alberto Amaroli:         Sony package + T-shirt + £125

(including additional £25)

Runners up x 3

Nick Flutter: T-shirt

+ £75 (including additional £25)

Clare Waddingham: 

T-shirt + £75 (including additional £25)

Maksim Malcev: T-shirt + £75 (including additional £25)