Charges as well as carries

Voltaic Systems reckon that they have created a bag with solar panels that are powerful enough to charge a laptop no less.

The company claims that the bag’s solar panels can generate up to 15 watts. What this means for the consumer is an hour of charging in the sun will give you 20-45 minutes of power for your laptop, or indeed your camera or phone. To fully charge the Voltaic battery takes about five hours, which is a marvellous excuse for sitting in the sunshine (which you can do if you are somewhere other than the UK).

The bag, which comes with silver, orange, green, black or white solar panels, will charge a variety of laptops including Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo and Panasonic models, although you are advised to check compatibility before you buy. Size-wise – it will hold up to a 17 inch MacBook Pro.

Voltaic Systems adds that the bag comes with common adaptors for connection to laptops, phones and cameras, and it is constructed from fabrics made from recycled PET (soda bottles), which is tough and water resistant.

However, it’s not cheap at $499.

There are more details about the bag on the Voltaic Systems website