The latest addition to

Sony’s growing CSC range, the Sony NEX-7, features a 24.6MP APS-C sized sensor,

2.3 million dot OLED viewfinder and the least shutter lag currently available

on a digital camera. This, coupled with the likes of a TRINAVI three-dial

control system and 10fps burst rate makes the Sony NEX-7 a flagship addition to

both Sony’s range of CSC models and the Compact System market as a whole.

Although looking

physically similar to the likes of NEX-5 and NEX-3C the Sony NEX-7 is aimed

more at the professional user. The 24.3 MP sensor is a significant jump from

the NEX-5’s 14.1MP offering, and sits comfortably above the next-largest

offering of the Panasonic GH2’s 16MP. Being that the NEX-7’s sensor is also

APS-C sized means the image quality should be something to behold. The ISO is

being quoted at a range of 100-16000, making it a significant leap as well.

Te built-in viewfinder

is also something special in the NEX-7, giving the user the brightness and

sharpness benefits of an OLED display rather than a standard LCD. The

resolution is at an impressive 2.3 million dots, once again topping the

Panasonic GH2’s 1.53 million. This, coupled with the vari-angle 3″ LCD should

give the user plenty of choice on the display front.

The new TRINAVI system

offers a three-dial approach to controlling functionality, with two on the top

of the camera and one at the rear. This should give the photographer rapid

access to the manual controls and other options, an element of previous NEX

models that we found lacking. With the override options of the aperture

priority, shutter priority and full manual modes available at a beckon call the

DSLR user making the transition shouldn’t feel restricted to lengthy menu


The shutter lag, timed

at 0.02 seconds, is the fastest of any interchangeable lens camera currently

available. This combined with the impressive AF speeds seen recently on the

NEX-C3 will make the Sony NEX-7 an enticing prospect for the likes of action


A full HD movie mode,

in the AVCHD format and available at either 25p or 50p frame rates, and the

10fps burst rate rounds out the most note-worthy features of this new camera,

although the likes of Picture Effects and the 3D Sweep Panorama mode also


The NEX-7 will be

available in November, with a price yet to be confirmed.

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