Sony’s second CSC
launch sees the NEX-5 receive a number of significant updates in the form of
the NEX-5n. The most obvious is the jump in sensor resolution, with the NEX-5N
offering 16MP as opposed to 14MP. The burst mode and ISO have also been
updated, as has the movie mode.

Physically the NEX-5N
has changed little from it’s predecessor, with the majority of the improvements
being internal. The two megapixel jump in resolution aside, which puts the
NEX-5N on a par with the Panasonic GH2, the shutter lag is now at an impressive
0.02 seconds. This, along with the rapid AF speed, gives the NEX-5N an
advantage when shooting action.

The ISO range is now
from 100-25600, giving the NEX-5N far more versatility in low light situations.
The burst mode has jumped from 7 to 10fps and the movie mode is now both 1080p
and has full manual control.

The new feature set
offered by the NEX-5N is impressive to say the least, taking the
already-outstanding NEX-5 then making enough alterations to put the camera on a
par with the top CSC models. The touch-screen controls will hopefully speed up
access to manual functionality and other features, and the likes of the 3D Sweep
Panorama and Picture Effect will make creative photography easier for the

The Sony NEX-5N will
be on sale in September, with a price yet to be confirmed.

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