New Sony LED lamp for use with Alpha, NEX and Handycam strengthens Sony's consumer video accessory lineup

Although Sony didn’t announce any big Alpha DSLR news at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the quiet announcement of the new HVL-LE1 LED light shows further commitment to consumer-focused movie capture accessories.

The HVL-LE1 is a hotshoe-mountable LED lamp designed for use with Sony’s Handycam video cameras as well as movie-capable Alpha and NEX models. An adjustable bracket makes it possible to tilt and angle the light into the relevant position, while a dimmer to the side of the product can adjust output from 10-100% of the 1800lux outage.

The lamp consists of 60 LED lamps to offer powerful illumination with a standard daylight temperature of 5500 Kelvin. One feature we particularly liked is the inclusion of a filter slot – something few small lamps have, which often means resorting to Sellotaping gels on. The Sony LE1 allows filters to be easily dropped in and the kit comes complete with a 3200K (Tungsten) conversion filter, diffuser and carry pouch to keep them in good condition. There’s also a barn doors attachment included to help shape and direct light.

The HVL-LE1 can be powered using a Sony V or M battery – the same as that found in the Alpha A77, for example. It’s a shame the product won’t accept two batteries for an extra long life, though it can also accept AA batteries as a back up.

As to not alienate other brands, the HVL-LE1 comes complete with two hotshoe adaptors to ensure compatibility with Sony/Minolta or other ISO standard hotshoes.

At 250g in weight you’ll need to part with a dollar per gram as the HVL-LE1 is anticipated to launch for $250. No info on UK pricing as yet. Oh, and batteries are not included.