NEX Update improves interface in manual modes and adds AF with Alpha lenses. Ten lenses to be available by 2012

At a press conference at Photokina today, Sony announced a firmware upgrade for the NEX 3 and NEX 5 cameras which will address several of the issues raised by both reviewers and consumers.
Firstly, it will improve the user interface when using the manual modes by enabling the function of the buttons to be changed. Users will be able to change the Shooting Tips button to a Shooting Mode button, and the set button on the control dial can be changed to provide direct access to ISO, White Balance and other parameters using the outer wheel.
The firmware update will also add autofocus when using Alpha lenses via the Alpha mount adaptor. Up to now Alpha lenses can only be focused manually on the NEX cameras.
The firmware upgrade will be available for download next month.

Sony also revealed a roadmap for future lenses for the NEX system during 2011 and 2012, including a premium Zeiss lens. Although specific focal lengths and specifications for next year’s lenses have not been announced, the Zeiss lens is expected to be a fixed focal length wideangle, and additional lenses include a short telephoto, macro and telephoto zoom lens. Three more Sony G lenses in 2012 are expected to be a fast premium standard zoom, a wideangle zoom and a mid telephoto.

Sony also revealed that its two NEX cameras, the NEX 3 and NEX 5 is the number one selling mirrorless compact system camera format in Europe, and currently account for half of the European market for mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras.