30x zoom Sony CyberShot DSC-HX200V with 18MP sensor, 20x zoom DSC-HX20V, 16x zoom DSC-HX10V and 16MP DSC-H90 debut

Sony has announced four new superzoom compacts in the forms of the HX200V, HX20V, HX10V and H90. Each offer between a 16 and 18MP sensor, with the CyberShot DSC-HX200V boasting an impressive 30x optical zoom.

With such expansive optical zoom lenses offered it’s no surprise that there’s been more focus placed on the optics. The new Advanced Aspherical lens should allow for a physically smaller lens barrel without impacting the amount of magnification. This, combined with an enhanced Optical Steadyshot, should mean even the more expansive magnifications produce impressive end quality.

The HX20V, a traditional bridge camera, packs a 20x Advanced Aspherical lens into a reasonably compact body. The 18MP sensor also impresses on paper, as does the 50fps 1080p movie mode. Full manual controls are also present for the more advanced user.

Where the HX20V keeps the optical zoom reasonably sensible, the HX200v offers a 30x zoom. Otherwise it’s extremely similar, with the same sensor and HD video mode. The HX10V, on the other hand, offers a 16x optical zoom.

Finally the DSC-H90 combines a 16MP sensor with a 16x optical zoom. Prices and full specs have yet to be released for all the new releases, but check back here later today for more information.