Among the new SanDisk Connect products is the smallest flash drive yet to offer wireless connectivity

Image: The new Connect Wireless Flash Drive from SanDisk

new range of Connect products, announced today, will allow users to
wirelessly store and transfer files across mobile devices and computers.

products currently feature in the range, both of which are compatible
with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Kindle Fire and Android devices as well
as PC and Mac computers.

SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive, with dimensions of 77.96 x 26.64 x
13.76 mm, is the smallest wireless USB storage device available to
date, the firm claims.

can access up to 32GB of content wirelessly from other devices, and
stream for up to four hours on a single battery charge.

available is the Sandisk Connect Wireless Media Drive (above), a pocket-sized
device with up to 64GB of storage that allows for HD streaming.

product features an SDHC/SDXC memory card slot, and can connect to up
to eight mobile devices to stream up to five different HD movies at
once, if so desired. With eight hours of streaming possible on one
charge, it’s an impressive piece of kit.

has been in the business of wireless storage for some time, and has
come out with some good products. Last year our own Mike Topham was
impressed with the SanDisk Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card, calling it ‘an
excellent solution for transferring your images and videos wirelessly to
your computer, smartphone or tablet’

Bahal, vice president of product marketing at SanDisk, says that with
these products the firm is ‘raising the bar on what consumers can expect
from personal storage’.

Sandisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive is available in 16 and 32GB
capacities, priced at £41.90 and £49.90. We don’t have a price for the
Connect Wireless Media Drive yet, but 32 and 64GB models will be
available later this year. In the meantime, you can find out more about
the products at the SanDisk website.