Samsung WB700: ultra-slim, 24mm wideangle, 18x optical zoom compact with a host of new features

The Samsung WB700 is a new, ultra-slim, 24x zoom camera that’s packed with features.

The WB700 features a 24mm wideangle lens with 18x true optical zoom and a further 1.3x Smart Zoom. This equates to a true optical equivalent of 24-432mm at 18x and is optically stabilised to counter hand shake. The Smart Zoom digitally crops into the image for perceived zoom enhancement of a 576mm equivalent.

At the WB700’s heart is a 14MP CCD sensor capable of capturing high resolution images and also 720p HD movies. Smart Filter 2.0 provide a fun array of filters that can be applied to both moving and still images, including Soft Focus, Half Tone Dot, Cinema and more. When shooting in movie mode the new Zoom Noise Reduction is an intelligent algorithm that cancels out the sound made by the zoom lensduring recording.

We expect the see the Samsung WB700 on the shelves in April 2011, priced at £250.