Samsungu2019s latest SH100 compact camera comes complete with in-camera Wi-Fi and Android phone sync

The Samsung SH100 looks to further advance the connected compact camera market by offering in-camera Wi-Fi capability. This means that, with a network present, it’s possible to share your snaps on the internet and social networking sites such as Facebook, Picasa or Photobucket. HD video capture is also available and can be quickly and efficiently shared via YouTube all from the camera itself. And to make all this easier the SH100 comes with a mobile hotspot network pass from Boingo, providing access to more than 200,000 international Wi-Fi hotspots.

That’s not all: the SH100 also has a unique innovation that allows you to wirelessly connect to your Android-based Smartphone to use the phone to preview in real time the shot you’re about to take. It’s like a remote live view feature and even offers remote shutter firing so you can set the camera up and use your phone as a remote (though the camera has to remain on and the phone cannot prompt a startup). And, should your Android phone have a GPS feature, then it’s possible to utilise this to record the exact location of your shots – without the camera requiring a GPS device (a great benefit as GPS is costly to implement in any electronic device).

Using Wi-Fi or for those with DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) it’s easy to automatically back up your shots using PC Auto Back-up by simply pressing a couple of buttons to ensure that no shots will ever be lost.

The SH100 has a 14.2MP CCD sensor for large still images, and a 5x optical zoom capable of 26-130mm of zoom in traditional 35mm terms.  

Expected in shops this March for a very reasonably priced £200, the SH100 certainly lays down the gauntlet when it comes to Wi-Fi connected compacts.