New Ricoh GXR A16 module offers 24-85mm lens with f/3.5-5.5 aperture

Ricoh’s GXR system, which has a module system offering combinations of fixed and zoom lenses alongside APS-C and compact camera sensors, has gained a new offering. The A16 unit boasts 16MP resolution and a 24-85mm zoom lens, giving the GXR system a DSLR-sized sensor on a compact body.

The GXR system already has a 28mm and 58mm APS-C module, although the A16 is the first with a zoom lens. Ricoh’s innovative system is something of an oddity amongst the Compact System Camera range, sitting somewhere between the compact and interchangeable lens ranges. The end result is something between, although the modules are expensive with the latest addition costing £449, or £599 with the GXR unit.

For more information head to Ricoh’s website.