Pop star helps to launch camera glasses, printer and instant camera

Chart-topping pop star Lady Gaga has helped to launch three new products from Polaroid a year after announcing the linkup at CES. The three products include a camera with built in printer, mobile standalone printer and a pair of camera glasses which are able to take an image, then display the results on the lenses.

As Lady Gaga has been seen wearing a similar product in the video for Poker Face the transition into actual product is perhaps the least surprising of the three launches. Each lens on the GL20 glasses harbors a 1.5″ OLED display which can then show the image taken on the 5MP camera. For those not wanting to show off their image-taking skills the snaps are stored on a craftily-hidden SD in the frame.

The GL30 Instant Digital Camera is far more indicative of the Polaroid range, giving users the ability to snap a 12MP image and either store or print the results via a Zink printer within the camera body. Without ink to load the amount of upheaval caused to the photographer should be minimal, as a pack of paper simply needs to be inserted to begin printing.

Finally the GL10 printer can turn out 3 x 4″ images from a number of sources in a waterproof, smudgeproof form. None of the products have received a confirmed UK launch date as yet, so keep checking the news for the latest updates.