Tool for putting subjects on new backgrounds with minimal fuss

Software developer FXHome has added a new package to its PhotoKey range.

Photokey 2 is a package that allows photographers to add backgrounds behind their subjects using greenscreen and bluescreen photography.

Claimed to be suitable for beginners right through to professional photographers, it offers automated keying abilities, which will, basically, blend the foreground of an image (the subject) with a background (where the green or blue screen had been). It includes features such as hand drawn masks, light spill, sepia effects and silhouettes.

Once the photographer has finished editing the image, they can either print directly from PhotoKey 2 or save their creation as a high resolution, lossless image file.

Images can also be used to create customised greeting cards using layout guides and overlays provided by FXHome.

Other features worth a mention are the automatic update notification, integrated help system and zoom control for overviews or close-ups. The package also supports computers with multi-core processors and images up to 25 megapixels.

PhotoKey 2 is available direct from FXHome for £69 or comes with a 10×20 foot greenscreen and a greenscreen tutorial for £149.