Pentax has launched a pair of new compacts in the form of the RS1000 and RZ10. Both cameras offer high-spec features and some intriguing innovations, such as interchangeable front covers on the RS1000.

Although it may seem less spectacular on the surface than the RZ10 is the first Pentax model to enter the long zoom market, offering 10x optical magnification and a 14MP sensor. To help temper any possible camera shake at the top end of the zoom sensor-based shake reduction has been included as has pixel tracking.

Although manual controls aren’t present the auto scene modes should insure a decent snap is taken regardless of the environment, and 720p HD movie recording means the moving images should look impressive as well. The design is quite simplistic, with few buttons to complicate proceedings, and is available in black, white, purple, green and orange.

Colour is one area where the RS1000 certainly excels, as the front panel can be removed and exchanged. This allows any variety of patterns, sketches and designs to be attached in order to personalize the camera. On the imaging side there’s a 14MP sensor and 4x optical zoom with digital blur reduction, and a 3″ LCD screen.

The RS1000 also offers the 720p HD movie mode and digital filters, and is certainly for the style conscious photographer. For more information on both cameras head to or take a look at the press releases.

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