New Panasonic Lumix phone offers high quality stills but may only surface in Japan

Panasonic has announced a new mobile phone which offers the benefits of a high-spec compact. Although the specs are about the only solid details currently available, from a translated Japanese press release, those that are present are extremely impressive. 

With a 3.3″ LCD screen and 13.2MP CMOS sensor, complete with a mobile version of the Venus Engine used to perform the processing in the Lumix compact cameras. The Lumix Phone also has compatibility with microSD and microSDHC alongside Wi-Fi and touchscreen.

No details have been released about the lens, movie capabilities or the operating system it will utilise, but it appears that only a digital zoom will be present, as will a flash of some description. It remains to be seen if the Lumix Phone will appear outside of Japan.

For a translated version of the Japanese site click here