A new compact camera launched by Olympus, the Olympus SH-21, offers a 16MP sensor and 12.5x optical zoom

Olympus has launched a new compact, dubbed the SH-21, which offers so highly impressive features for a mid-range model. The 16MP sensor and 12.5x optical zoom catch the eye, but the 24mm wide angle lens and full HD movies should also entice the consumer.

Those after an all-in-one to fit in a pocket but not shirk on the likes of magnification and features seem to be the main target audience here, as there’s few extras the SH-21 fails to offer. Dual Image Stabilization is also present, as are a number of filter effects and a 3D shooting mode. 

With the wealth of similarly-specced models on the market it seems a shame no manual controls are mentioned, but we’ll wait until seeing the camera first hand to pass judgment. 

For more information, including an as-yet unconfirmed RRP, head to Olympus’ website.