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Get on-the-spot photography expertise from Nikon
7 April 2010: Nikon is bringing its hugely popular ‘Learn & Explore’ photography application to iPhone customers in Europe. Aimed at photographers of all skill levels, the ‘Learn & Explore’ application offers quick, easy on-the-go access to a world of photography information and editorial content, including images, video lectures, audio commentary and a glossary of photography terms.

Whether you are looking for education, motivation or inspiration, the new tool offers photography information at your fingertips; perfect for those who want to learn and improve whilst out in the field. If you are on holiday and want advice on getting the most from your travel pictures, you can instantly access an article from a Nikon expert, watch a tutorial video, listen to audio tips, or flick through examples of stunning travel photography. Or if you are attending a wedding and want to make sure you are choosing the right aperture or shutter speed for the conditions, you can check information about the recommended settings. Whatever the occasion and whatever skill level you have, the ‘Learn & Explore’ application can help make sure you get the most from your photography.

“The Learn & Explore application has already proved a big hit in the US, and we’re sure it will be just as popular in Europe,” commented Birgitta Olson, General Manager of Marketing Communications at Nikon Europe. “We know better than anyone that photography is an ‘in-the-moment’ activity, and that capturing the perfect image sometimes needs on-the-spot help. It is fantastic that we can now give photo enthusiasts access to Nikon’s educational resources right in the palm of their hand and hope it will give people further encouragement and support to learn photography on their own terms.”

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