Two new Nikon COOLPIX S9300 and Nikon COOLPIX S6300 offer 16MP sensors

The Nikon COOLPIX S9300 and Nikon COOLPIX S6300 have been announced today, offering 16MP sensors and some impressive zoom lengths for the comparatively compact sizes. Boasting a stabilized 18x optical zoom the former is certainly impressive, where the latter supplies 10x optical magnification.

Outside of the zoom length the S9300 has far more to offer, with Full HD (1080p) movie recording and a 3inch, 921k dot screen. GPS is also offered as part of the package, giving users the ability to associate a location alongside thier image. The S9300 doesn’t look massively dissimilar from it’s predecessor, the S9100, and will undoubtedly be sat in the center of a host of upgrades to the likes of the Sony HX9 in the next few months. With a £299 price tag the COOLPIX S9300 will marginally undercut a fair few models with a similar feature set, so it’ll be interesting to see how the end results compare. 

The S6300 has something of a lite version of the S9300’s feature set, missing out on the GPS and only offering a 10x optical zoom, but otherwise the two cameras are extremely similar. The COOLPIX S6300 is priced at £179 and on sale on the 16th of this month.

For more information head to Nikon’s website.

Key Specs

  • 16MP sensor
  • 3inch LCD (S9300), 2.7inch (S6300)
  • 18x zoom (S9300), 10x zoom (S6300)
  • Full HD movie shooting
  • GPS (S9300)
  •  3D shooting mode