New full-frame DSLR completes professional line-up with 24.5MP sensor, laying claim to be the studio photographers dream camera

Nikon has completed what it views as the complete professional compilation of cameras with its latest launch ? the D3x. The new model is touted as Nikon?s flagship DSLR, boasting a whopping 24.5MP full-frame sensor outputting NEF files weighing it at over 50MB.

Outside of the addition of masses of megapixel, much remains the same in the D3x as was with the D3 previously. The sensor is the same physical dimensions, for example, being Nikon?s full-frame FX format. The D3x does, however, feature a restricted ISO range in comparison to the D3, while also having a frame rate of 5fps at full resolution in comparison to the D3?s 9fps.

The D3x?s position at the top of the Nikons DSLR tree is clear, and it boasts a price tag to match ? it?ll set you back £5499 and will arrive of shelves towards the end of this month. For a full specification, head on over to Nikon.

Key Features at a glance

24.5MP FX Format sensor

The sensor for the D3x is the same physical size as that on the D3, but crams in over double the amount of megapixels

50MB+ NEF files

One of the consequences of the masses of megapixels is large files, perfectly suited for large format printing.

Dynamic 3D colour AF tracking

Now present throughout Nikon?s ?pro? range, the AF tracking system allows the D3x to accurately follow the subject throughout the frame

Scene Recognition

The inner-workings of the D3x actively communicate and share information, such as metering communicating with focus in colour tracking for more accurate results

Nikon D3x