Online rumours infer discontinued Pentax K-r to be replaced

A number of rumour websites are inferring the Pentax K-r will soon be replaced by an as-yet unnamed DSLR, most likely called the k-z following the previous naming convention. In the three months since the K-r was discontinued a new APS-C sized sensor has been used in the K-01 mirrorless model, giving a potential new DSLR the perfect building blocks.

Although a few, blurry specs sheets have surfaced on a handful of rumour websites little in the way of solid information has been reported, although the timing of a forthcoming release would certainly be logical. With two mirrorless models (the K-01 and Q) and a host of compacts currently available, but no DSLRs, it seems that Pentax may well be earing up for a release in the near future.

The recent takeover by Ricoh may have delayed proceedings somewhat, although the revelation that the K-01 was in development prior to the deal taking place means a DSLR may be waiting in the wings. We’ll be sure to report any further information as it surfaces.