Leica S2 37.5MP DSLR now able to take medium format system lenses from Hasselblad and Pentax

The Leica S2 DSLR, which offers an impressive 37.5MP resolution on a CCD chip 60% larger than a full frame camera’s, can now accept lenses from Hasselblad and Pentax’s medium format cameras. Utilizing the S-Adapters Hasselblad V and Pentax 67 optics can be attached, opening up a whole new range of lenses to Leica users. 

The Leica S2 was announced three years ago at the Photokina trade show, offering a 30 x 45mm sensor inside a DSLR-style frame. Four lenses are currently available for the £17,000 system, making the announcement of two adapters a welcome one.

The adapters have a recommended retail price of £525, and will be available now. For a list of retailers head to Leica’s website.