Casio Exilim ZR200 and Casio Exilim ZR15 rapid shooting compacts announced at CES 2012

Two new compact cameras from Casio have been launched at CES 2012, offering some innovative features based around the rapid burst rate offered. Both the ZR200 and ZR15 use a number of different modes to snap multiple photos, combining the results into the likes of HDR images.

The Casio Exilim ZR200, a 16MP compact with a 12.5x optical zoom, has the ability to take a series of images then combine them into a single end product, improving the overall results in the likes of night shots and high speed burst images. Although the same theory is utilized in HDR there are more specific parameters in mind, so having the camera select a ‘best shot’, or mixing a number of images to find a synthetic variation, is an interesting innovation.

For those not wanting to rely on the camera for premium shot selection full manual controls are also available. A 3inch LCD screen provides the preview method, with full HD movies also capable. Our review of the Casio ZR100 showed a number of issues with low light, making this new model all the more interesting relating to the new developments.

The ZR15, alternatively, retains the sensor but offers a shorter zoom at 7x optical. The screen is the same size, with the main difference being a rapid startup and autofocus delay. Both models will be available in the US in April, with prices at $379 and $329 respectively.
For more information head to Casio’s website.