New quick-release system fully compatible with Arca-style equipment


new Top Lock Quick Release system from Manfrotto, announced yesterday,

is designed to provide secure shooting stability while maintaining the

ability for quick changeovers for users of Arca-style plates and



Top Lock features a clamp element that allows the camera to be dropped

in from above rather than worked in from the side as with most current

systems. Manfrotto says this should be a much easier system and greatly

streamline the process of changeover.

Image: The plate drops into the clamp from the top, as shown here


The system features a safety pin designed to stop plate and camera slipping out of the head even when the QR lock is left open.

Image: Three bubble levels, one for each axis of rotation, should help keep your shots on the straight and narrow


Manfrotto Top Lock Quick Release System is available solely as an

adapter or in complete ball head systems with Arca-style QR plates.

Prices start at £84.95, visit to find out more.