Lytro says it will use the money to fund a new generation of Light Field imaging products

Lytro, the creators of the world’s first consumer light field camera, has announced that it has received an injection of funds to the tune of $40million from new and existing investors.

The Lytro Light Field camera was released all the way back in February 2012. By recording an entire light field rather than a 2D image, the Lytro camera creates ‘living pictures’. This allows the users to endlessly alter the focus of a picture after capturing it. The camera also has an 8x optical zoom and a constant aperture of f/2.

Talking to AllThingsD, CEO of Lytro Jason Rosenthal said that the money will mean we can look forward to a new generation of Lytro hardware, with a possible move into the realm of professional photography.

See the Lytro website for more about the Light Field camera.