u2018Best in Black and White' offers real silver gelatin black and white framed art photographs at the House of Ilford online store

Professional photographers producing black and white prints have been invited to sell their work at the new ‘House of Ilford’, in a new partnership between Harman technologies and Ilford.

Real gelatin silver plates can be purchased at the store in a range of sizes and from a large pool of professional photographers, who were specifically selected by Ilford to be part of the new store. Prints can be ordered as standalones or mounted in black or silver aluminium frames.

The House of Ilford uses the Océ LightJet printer to digitally expose prints onto Ilford black and white resin coated photographic paper. The firm says this will allow them to last for many years.

Steven Brierley, Director of Sales and Marketing at HARMAN, said, ‘By printing with the LightJet on to resin coated paper the intention is to attract an entirely new audience discovering real silver gelatin black and white photography for the first time.’

Take a look at the available images at www.houseofilfordphoto.com.