Leica has entered the long zoom compact arena with the new V-Lux 20, which offers 12x optical magnification as well as GPS. With a 25mm wide angle lens and 12.1MP sensor the camera will find itself up against the likes of the Panasonic TZ10 and Sony HX5.
The likes of a HD movie mode put the V-Lux 20 into somewhat uncharted territory for Leica, who normally shy away from consumer-level models into the more ‘prestige’ marketplace. Although the specs may not place it into that arena, the £495 price tag does. Being almost £200 more expensive than the TZ10 but offering identical specs and even an incredible similar aesthetic makes it all the more likely that only die-hard Leica fanatics will pick this up at retail.
Only authorized Leica dealers will carry the V-Lux 20, all of which are listed on uk.leica-camera.com

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