Marumi EXUS filters series with resistant coatings and improved light transmission is now available in the UK

Image: The new EXUS Circular Polariser, part of the Marumi EXUS filters series

The new Marumi EXUS series includes a Lens Protector and a Circular Polariser. Both filters are available in 12 different diameter sizes, ranging from 37mm to 82mm, and feature new antistatic and water-resistant coatings.

Marumi says that the new EXUS range will provide exceptional image quality thanks to the new ultra-low reflective qualities in their design. The firm says that the EXUS Lens Protect filters achieve reflection of less than 0.3%, and the Circular Polarisers less than 0.6%.

The EXUS Circular Polariser has been designed to enhance light transmission – Marumi claims an increase of 30% compared to a conventional polariser. The Exus Polariser also features Teflon-coated male threads to ease attaching and detaching of the filter.

The Marumi EXUS Lens Protect filters are priced between £52.92 and £102.90, dependent on diameter. The Marumi EXUS Circular Polarisers are priced from £119.04 to £288.60. All are available now, for more information visit