New designs to suit iPad 2

Joby has announced new versions of it hands-free positioning and camera optimising stands for the iPad 2.

The stands, labelled the GorillaMobile Ori and GorillaMobile Yogi, allow users to both utilise the new camera on the iPad 2 and support more comfortable and flattering FaceTime usage.

“Apple has revolutionized the way people experience technology and JOBY’s products further amplify that experience,” says JOBY CEO, Forrest Baringer-Jones. “The elegant yet functional design of Ori and Yogi deliver hands-free experiences that elevate the utility of the device. We are excited about the addition of the camera to the iPad 2 and our unique ability to maximize its utility based on our success in the photography industry.”

The GorillaMobile Ori is designed for the iPad ‘Power User’ and provides sleek ergonomic positioning in a protective case and stand solution, with design inspired by folding origami.

The GorillaMobile Yogi, on the other hand, draws its design from other GorillaPod products, featuring malleable legs which can twist and bend to suit the needs of the user.

The GorillaMobile Ori for iPad 2 is available for £54.95 and the GorillaMobile Yogi for iPad 2 retails for £34.95. Both products are available for purchase today from the Joby website.