New mountable mini HD video camera offers wifi and remote control from your smart phone.

US company Liquid Image has launched a new mountable HD video camera with built-in Wi-Fi. About the size of an egg, the Ego can be mouted on to various sports equipment such as bikes and skateboards to record point of view videos in 720p or 1080p HD, or continuous bursts of 12 megapixel still images. The Ego is water resistant down to 3m, and there’s an optional housing available that is waterproof down to 100m making it ideal for water sports.

To view a video decending Alpe d’huez in France, recorded on the Liquid Image EGO Xtreme Sports Camera, click here.

The Ego records onto Micro SD cards up to 32GB (card not included) and the built-in wifi enables users to view recordings in real time and stream to their smart phones, tablets, or computers, while high speed USB and HDMI ports are provided for wired connectivity.
The camera comes with a multi-directional mounting system with a quick release lever and tripod mount, and a range of other mounting accessories are available to enable it to be attached to almost anything. There is also a free iphone or Android app iavailable which enables the camera to be set up and controlled remotely.

The camera is simple to operate. Once powered up a mode button enables users to switch between 1080p at 30fps, 720p at 60fps (for capturing fast action with less blurring), 12-megapixel still photos and a continuous Photo mode. The LED light on the front changes colour to incicate the mode selected, and flashes during recording, while a small LCD data display on the top gives visual confirmation of the settings. The fixed focus lens provides a wide 136 degree angle of view, or can be set to a narrower 90 degress angle using the app, while exposure control is automatic. The internal battery provides two hours of life between charges.

The stylish Ego, which is distributed in the UK by well known accessory brand Hahnel, goes on sale this month for £159.99 and is available in a choice of five colours – black, white, red, blue and yellow.