WDC gets to try out Samsung's new Wi-Fi enabled compact cameras

Samsung announced three WiFi enabled compact cameras at this years CES, and we got our hands on early working samples of the WB150F and WB850F.

These two travel compacts sport impressive zoom lenses – the WB150F features an 18x optical zoom, while the WB850F features a 21x optical zoom.

The Wi-Fi feature means that users users can email photos or share them on social
networks such as Facebook and Picasa and post videos to YouTube in just a
few simple steps with a Wi-Fi hotspot.

As these were early non-production samples, we can’t comment on image quality and performance – the images you see here are from the WB150F.

However, the time we had shooting with them, they look promising pieces of kit. As soon as we get our hands on full production samples of each camera, we’ll give you a full review.