Fuji's X100 gets the limited edition treatment

When Fujifilm’s X100 debuted back in 2010 it was undoubtedly a little stunner. Fans of the original silver model will be equally excited about the X100 black.

Although the body and design of the camera is the same irrelevant of the finish, the X100 black dangles the limited edition carrot as there have only been 10,000 produced worldwide. There are no sample models for testing as this is an exclusiuve model if we ever saw one.

Each X100 black model comes in its own limited edition case and includes a leather case & strap, 49mm protector filter, metal lens hood and an individually numbered message card of authenticity.

However, as each camera’s serial number corresponds to the country where it will be shipped, the numbered message card and serial will not match. A small detail, but a bit of a shame nonetheless.

Price-wise the X100 black is likely to set you back a fair penny – although Fujifilm was unable to provide even a guestimate price, the cost of the camera and all those accessories alone would be far more than the original X100 silver’s £999 suggested price. We can only speculate, maybe multiply that figure by two? Your guess is as good as ours…