Compact with built in projector and superzoom amongst new launches

GE has announced the launch of their 2011 range of cameras, which includes a compact with built in Pico projector and a 15x optical zoom-powered bridge model alongside another 2 new compacts. These new additions are set to hit the shops between now and spring.

Of the launches the GE PJ1 is the most intriguing, as it offers a built-in projector akin to the Nikon S1100pj. As there were issues with the end quality of both camera and projector, in what turned out to be a slightly gimmicky release, it’ll be interesting to see how GE will marry the two technologies. The camera part offers a 14MP sensor and 720p HD movies with a 7x optical zoom, and the projector offers a 300:1 contrast ratio and can display up to 70 inches in size.

The X500 is a superzoom offering a 5x optical zoom and a 16MP sensor alongside optical image stabilization as well as DSLR-style manual controls. The X5, GE’s first crack at a superzoom model, wasn’t exactly spectacular so we’re expecting improvement with the X5.  

The other models released are;

The E1680, which has an 8x optical zoom, 16MP sensor and HD movie mode

The E1450W, which is a slim, HD video shooting compact with a 5x zoom and 14MP sensor

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