The new Fuji XP30 offers the same ruggedness of the XP10, but now with added bang: the XP30 includes GPS functionality

The XP30 updates the original XP10 release, a camera that we here at What Digital Camera were very fond of when we reviewed it in our tough group test. Good news than that its update, the FinePix XP30, takes the original concept and stretches it even further.

The XP30 is waterproof to 5m deep, shockproof to withstand drops of 1.5m, dust and sand-proof and even freeze-proof to temperatures of -10°C. It’s the perfect outdoor camera for the toughest of situations and now, to add to its outdoor credentials, includes GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) technology that adds location data to your pictures’ EXIF data. This is particularly useful for cataloguing, archiving and browsing images by location as the data can auto-feed into a variety of programs and even online applications where images can be promptly mapped out by location of shooting.

The 14-megapixel XP30 will be available at the end of the month in a variety of smart two-tone design colours for around £199.