Further updates to Flickr's iOS app include a private auto-upload feature and instant-straightening Instagram-style

Flickr has added further improvements to its app for iOS 7, following a recent revamp which added customisable filters and creatie modes.

New to the table is the Auto Upload function, which automatically saves photos to the user’s Flickr account moments after capture, keeping them secure and private until you’re ready to share them publicly.

So while you won’t have to worry about poor or embarrassing photos being shoved onto Flickr for the world to see before you have a chance to review them, you’ve got an immediate backup function for every image taken with your phone.

More interesting is Auto Straighten. Flickr promises this will work ‘like magic’, providing a single-button way to correct a picture that’s just a little off. This function puts the Flickr app in league with Instagram, which added this feature a few weeks ago.

The Flickr app for iOS 7 is available now at the iTunes store.